Nochebuena en Cerro Santa Lucia Welén

  • Nochebuena en Cerro Santa Lucia Welén

Traditions run deep and are especially important during the holidays. We hold them close to our hearts and count on them for comfort. Some are silly and others the foundation for which our family relationships were built. We experience such joy when we see our children passing down some of our family traditions as well as creating their own. We have missed many of our traditions this year.

However, every now and then you need to explore something different. It helps to reaffirm the importance of your traditions.

Any other Christmas Eve we would be working, running home to take care of any last minute preparations, then heading to church to meet our daughter and family. The grand kids really enjoy the Christmas story brought to life, the petting zoo that follows and coming over to mimi’s and papa’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and presents.

This year will be different. Our daughter and family are in Miami, our son and family are in Delaware and we are in Santiago, Chile.  So some of the traditions will have to wait until next year. Regardless of where we all are we are bound by our love and our hearts are with our families and friends during this season.

This year we spent our Christmas Eve afternoon exploring the Cerro Santa Lucia Welén. It is often referred to as an urban oasis in the center of Santiago. The park opened on September 17, 1874 after being transformed from a rugged rock to a beautiful public park by Mr. Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna.

Entrance gates to Cerro Santa Lucia Welén



It is popular with locals on weekends and holidays for a picnic lunch, to study or just hang out. We saw many families and couples enjoying the park today. We too enjoyed a light picnic during our visit.

The park offers lots of shaded areas with benches for resting. There is a castle built over a Spanish fort



Fountains and sculptures



Gardens and meandering pathways



Cannons which can be heard each weekday at noon.



and a little chapel that now serves as the tomb of Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna and his family.



To top it all off there is a mirador with a 360 degree view of the city skyline.



It was a quiet and peaceful way to spend our afternoon.

From Santiago…. we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas


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