10 days in Buenos Aires

10 days in Buenos Aires


Well we’ve been in Buenos Aires now for 10 days! We have made ourselves at home in our new apartment (very authentic). It is located in more of a local neighborhood called Chacarita but is within walking distance to the metro and Palermo where all the trendy cafes, bars and shops are located.

Kitchen and hallway that leads to the bathroom and bedroom


True's new hang out
True’s new hang out


View from the balcony
View from the balcony

They use the Argentine peso for money and we are becoming more comfortable with the exchange rate and figuring out prices. The exchange is approximately 15 peso’s per dollar which makes things somewhat of a bargain. In addition, we have figured out how to use the Metro… for the most part.

Kimberli waiting for the metro to arrive
Kimberli waiting for the metro to arrive

It has all been a bit more challenging but fun than we originally thought since VERY few people speak English. Overall the people here are very friendly and willing to help us figure out what we are trying to communicate whether it be how to use the SUBE card, how to get somewhere or what something means.

We have found our neighborhood Panadería (bakery shop), empanada/pizza place and our local super market. Next adventure is to find a decent Verduleria (fruit and vegetable shop). They do not tend to eat much produce here and the quality at the market is quite poor except for bananas.

A few of the days we just walked  around to explore the different neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. We went to church on Sunday and met some folks that moved here from Texas and are here working for 3 years.

We have been taking in some of the tourist sites including a free walking tour that started at The Congreso de la Nación Argentina building located on the Plaza del Congreso.

Congreso de la Nación Argentina
Congreso de la Nación Argentina

The tour also made stops at Casa Rosada that is located on Plaza de Mayo, which is where the President conducts his business but does not live there.

Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada

We spent some time at Cementerio de la Recoleta, where Eva “Evita” Duarte Peron is laid to rest along with many other notable folks to Argentina.


Eva “Evita” Duarte Peron

We had hoped to have our first post out sooner but we are slowly learning that WI-FI and technology in general are more challenging than we had imagined. We look forward to adding more posts about our time here Buenos Aires.

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  • Bob Mabry says:

    so great to read about your adventures… praying for a blessed journey, lots of joy and discovery. You guys keep shining His love!!

  • Christy says:

    It’s sounds like quite an experience! You seem so “authentic” already! I’m not surprised to hear that you are adjusting quickly. You are a dynamic duo! Haha! I’ll be reading your posts as they come in. I love the pictures too!

  • Meg English says:

    What a great adventure! I want to live vicariously through you! I’m so impressed by your teeny tiny backpacks! They really like their beef in BA and produce is something to fill up the rest of their plate. It’s fun to experience a spiritual event in another culture. It makes the big world feel a little smaller. Looking forward to following your travels!

  • Daniel says:

    Oh hell yeah! You guys are awesome. Ashley and I miss you both dearly and wish you the best on this adventure. “Slow travel” is something we’ve thought a lot about recently. Stay safe and we hope to cross paths with you soon.

  • Larry and Michele says:

    Hi Ex-neighbors – love your site, Hope things are meeting all of your expectations and you are having a blast .

  • Kim Strassner says:

    what wonderful updates – keep it up. You both look so happy.

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